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Share the call for essays with your colleagues and with students who are investigating or are interested in neuroethics and the ethical considerations in research, law, and policy related to the mind and brain. You may use the images and documents below to promote the contest.


Educators are encouraged to incorporate the contest into their curriculum or coursework. For an existing essay or written assignment, consider mentioning the essay contest and the range of topics that fit the broad definition of neuroethics. If looking for a new approach to bridge humanities and the sciences or to have students investigate the philosophical and ethical considerations related to the brain, consider developing an assignment that fits the submission criteria of the contest. Essays produced for or derived from previous coursework are eligible for submission.


Use any of the following images and documents to direct students, investigators, and trainees to this website. Thank you for promoting and supporting the contest!

Abstract painting with pastel colors; Unsplash / @geordannatheartist
Large size image for creating branded assets; Image by @geordannatheartist / Unsplash